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hi everyone, this blog is about my interior design course online my course will help you learn how to design interiors professionally so you can make money as an interior designer if you’re interested keep watching this video I’m Ula Burgiel and I’m a london-based interior designer working on projects worldwide coming from a small town in Poland I lectured at the University of Arts and managed to get jobs in the top London interior design companies eventually creating my own business remember to subscribe to my blog and hit the notification button to get notified about future videos like this ever pictured yourself becoming a professional interior designer preparing concept designs for your clients around the world life as an interior designer can be full of exciting moments into your design is a very competitive business as a result only the best interior designers get their dream jobs and projects both beginners and pros are getting stuck along the way a good interior design course online will help you get through it if you don’t keep up you will remain unnoticed amongst the mediocre design enthusiasts so how to become the best it’s not easy but with the right direction you’re in with a chance first of all you need to know which skills to learn and which skills not to learn you will learn the correct skills with my interior

design course online selling your designs is very important and no one teaches you this in the interior design school my interior design process from inspiration and concept through design development to technical design I’ll give you a presentation template I use in my own company I will also teach you how to present how to create content to build your online presence take great photos videos and where to look for free images photography is so important for an interior designer selecting and matching finishes and showing them together in a nice way creating mood boards collages of interior design images to support your designs my AutoCAD Photoshop and InDesign workflows functional space planning and design room-by-room basics of interior design sketching and if I would need to name one skill that’s most important in my interior design course online it’s sketching there’s also a separate masterclass on my website that’s based purely on sketching check it out if you’re interested principles of designing bespoke inbuilt furniture and joinery the set of business skills how to price and sell your designs build your brand and find clients I’ll go through all the ways you can make money as an interior designer to build a sustainable business to become your own boss and get paid for work you love doing but don’t take my word for it just look at the reviews to learn more about these skills sign up to the free training on my website link

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the description sign up it’s completely free with my first-hand experience I can reveal what makes some interior designers make twice as much money as the others it’s a set of unique skills that make them stand out as the creatives you will notice that you can’t actually find a lot of genuine information about interior design online this is a result of outdated information and because it’s based on outdated styles well attending the most expensive universities guarantee you the results and not necessarily obviously it’s good to have a good base but there is a big disconnect between what you learn at uni and in real life a lot of my colleagues will agree that they learned so much more from professionals at work than from the University experiencing this myself I decided to teach you this because I know how valuable the insider knowledge is so why would you like to enroll onto my interior design course online nowadays if you can’t present your designs you’ve lost social media has forced us into this direction and you have to go along with it that’s why photographing your designs and my entire workflow is a part of my online interior design course you will learn how to style your projects for a photo shoot and prepare all the content for social media for your website because I know how important this is to design a great brand and get more clients now let’s talk about the pitfalls of interior design career that no one talks about number one in most cases clients don’t see what you see in an interior design presentation they can’t visualize your designs you have to help them understand the design so when you show them a page with inspirational images they see something completely different than you if you see the colors they will see the shapes and sizes of furniture and the worst part of it is that they won’t say much they will simply just stop working with you presenting to clients is so much different than presenting to a teacher it took me years to perfect a presentation system that works both for VIP clients and everyday smaller projects I even came up with a template and a guide that’s actually included with my interior design course online it saves so much time when you don’t have to figure it out on your own number two most made to big interior design companies will pigeonhole you into a very specific set of tasks they will make you do the same thing all the time which will result in you not being able to try any other areas of design the two main pigeonholes are purchasing ordering FF&E furniture fixtures and equipment and CAD or Revit drawing if you fall into the trap of ordering FF&E and filling out the Excel spreadsheets you will never get around to creating concept design similarly with CAD drawing if you’re good at CAD or Revit you will get stuck “CADding-up” someone else’s designs and become a so-called CAD monkey luckily it is possible to get out of this

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cycle it took me a long time to sell myself as the creative designer and get to do the creative concept work I’ve included all this in my interior design course online from my experience there isn’t a perfect educational setup when becoming an interior designer I worked with interior designers that went through all different paths in their education some with full-time master’s degrees and some that finished part-time online interior design courses and what about you what’s your story let me know in the comment section below and let’s have a chat about this there’s one thing I know for sure it doesn’t matter how you get the interior design knowledge what matters is the right direction and most of all is practicing you have to practice the skills you learned remember degrees don’t matter so much skills matter when you practice the right things consistently you will have a much better chance of succeeding remember the most famous designers aren’t geniuses and overnight success doesn’t exist and all the success stories you see on social media are actually a result of 100 little tiny steps that’s why my course was created to combine all the necessary skills in your interior design career I’ve streamlined what regular courses offer no unnecessary subjects instead the skills and knowledge that bring results you also get assignments homework and get some feedback on it I can’t wait to see your work so how do you enroll onto my interior design course online go to my website link in the description or google my name look for the education section where you will find all the ways you can learn with me sign up today hope to see you inside the course thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed my video remember to subscribe to my blog and hit the notification button to get notified about more videos like this bye

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